Information, guides and cross-disciplinary best practice reports from the digital cultural sector.

Please note that most of the resources in this section are in German only. However, translations of selected articles and reports will be published in the following months.

Focus: Culture in times of Corona

How to react to the challenges posed by the pandemic? Read about experiences, digital experiments and perspectives from Berlin’s cultural sector.

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  • From the card index to digital data management

    Data Management & Infrastructure

    From digital collections to semantic web: We look at the potentials of linked cultural data and discuss the necessary structures for digital cultural work.

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  • A collage of book pages to illustrate the topic of findability - or a lack thereof


    Cultural actors compete for the attention of the audience – especially with streaming services, social media and games. Impulses for better findability on the web.

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  • Copyright issue? Photo of a man taking photographs inside a museum.

    Law & Security

    What do I have to bear in mind when I guide visitors through a streaming concert or upload photos of audiences? How do I obtain rights of use – and which licence means what?

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  • Changing times, changing mindsets - illustrated via the clock seen from the interior at the Musee d'Orsay in Paris.

    Methods & Mindsets

    Making work processes more efficient and taking colleagues on the sometimes subversive digital journey – there are exciting approaches to this.

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  • Photo of a woman in front of a media installation - illustrating the topic 'presenting and communicating'

    Presenting & Communicating

    Digital technologies open up new ways for communicating and interacting with audiences. Find out more about different forms of digital access to a wide range of cultural offerings.

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  • Technologies close-up: photo of a circuit board


    IoT, VR, AR, RFID? We will show you what is actually behind the various technologies and discuss with you how they can be useful for the cultural sector.

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